The Bookshelf

I'm reading quite a few books, here is the organised list of them.

I've tried to organised them in a way to create a path: closer to the center are essentials, and the further they are – the better they become when you have your very own experience.

  • Essentials are good for junior PMs, who are building features and getting their teeth on.
  • The ones in between are for mid-level PMs, who are building products.
  • At last, the furthest are for seniors, whos building organisations and systems.

Topics of the book sometimes vary a lot, and it may be frustrating in the beginning. I believe that through stretching our internal neural network muscle we can understand essential principles, the fundamentals if you wish. It helps us learn and understand faster.

The brain automatically sees end-to-end patterns in everything. For example, after reading the Beginning of Infinity and Sense and Respond, I see the process of testing hypotheses, every-time I see complexity. Ultimately it helps you feel, understand and solution in unknown environments and complex domains.